Expertise & passion.

Always looking for new ways to solve problems and creating meaningful solutions. Seamless combination of visual communication and technical development enables me to form outstanding results. My work handles complex processes and covers different disciplines.
No, seriously, i like to make exciting stuff, take a look.


  • Digital Products.

    Searching for new ideas and giving them a shape is one of my most exciting tasks. Starting with name finding, market research and definition of USPS, I develop concepts and accompany products from the start on. Experience mapping, personas and wireframing help me to find out the piers for the design.

  • Visualization.

    Some ideas need a quick sketch and an efficient workflow enables me to create persuading visualizaions. Fast but convincing results, are one of strengths. From responsive layouts & composings to 3D renderings, there is no technique I'am afraid to learn or use, to accomplish better outcomes.

  • Design.

    To give the preceding concepts a shape, I design patterns and aesthetic layouts to communicate the message in a simple and joyful way. The targeted medium doesn't matter at all, as I create solutions based on the needs and always following the same principles. Nevertheless good design takes time, as it contains a huge amount of decisions and variations.

  • Prototyping.

    To get a quick but authentic feeling of the behavior of an idea or some simple interactions, I create low & high fidelity prototypes. Therefore tools like invision or webflow can be a great help, but I don't struggle to make good old html clickdummies or more complex animations in after effects.

  • Development.

    It's always fun to see your design getting alive with all that slick transitions and small but important details, shaping a great product. To ensure the best results and an efficient workflow, i work closely with developers using newest technologies such as angular, sass, gulp etc. One of my favourites to play with is WebGL, especially in combination with uprising VR stuff.


To get a deep understanding of a topic, I have a good look at the current situation independent from the actual briefing. I take time to capture the brand, identify the problems and collect absent content. It is essential to dive into a topic and question every single step to receive the most authentic users point of view. After data collection, business research and stakeholder interviews I am able to create a reliable information architecture, that enables me to continue with the overall concept.

Based on the research I draw up experience maps and personas, which help me to define the core needs. Wireframing is the most important part in the whole concept phase, as it shows up all the functionality and can alreay be used for prototypes. So basically this goes through cycles of testing and iterations just like in an experiment and for me there are a lot of parallels to science.

The last piece in the cake is to find the best way to bring everything to work. I don't really care much about the tools, the only thing that counts is the smart outcome. The layouts can be pixelperfect or just consist of basic assets and I jump in frontend development to design the details with code. From Photoshop & Sketch to Cinema & After Effects, there is nothing I am afraid of. My strength in design is to delivier a thoughtful layouts that always have a close connection to the brand/product. Screenbased interfaces and interactions are my babies and I put everything into delivering a delightful experience.


  • Testdrives Front &Backend Interface

    Netherlands Live Tour
    2015 - BMW i

  • Openlab Platform Design

    Digital Product development
    2015 - Startup

  • Nasa Experience Innovative UI

    Personal Study
    Coming soon

  • Proofport Concept

    Bachelor Thesis
    2014 - 2015

  • WebGl Projects & Experiments

    Various Clients
    2014 - 2016

  • USA Used Bikes Portal

    Interface Design
    2015 - BMW Motorrad USA


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